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                  HTB LIVE

Hire The Barman Live specialises primarily in high volume, public events and brand orientated work.

Live Events
Festival bars, project builds and complete event production and management.

Brand Activation
Drinks-led experiential activations delivered using our market knowledge and experience.

Drink Design
Original cocktail designs based around a brief, including tasting sessions and drinks photography.

For more information, call us on 0203 441 4656.

                                LIVE EVENTS

HTB Live focuses on delivering bar operations at large capacity, live events across the world. From music festivals and sporting events to food fiestas and high - profile awards ceremonies, we have experience of delivering fantastic drinks and a refined service. 

In addition to the bar operation, we are also happy to take on the full build, management and production of your event. 

Festival Bars

From smaller, niche cocktail bars through to high-volume dispense bars, we have the experience and operational ability to deliver an exceptional drinks service in any environment. Previous projects include: 
cocktail bars at major music festivals, multi-bar operations at family-orientated festivals, beer and wine dispense bars at sports events and champagne bars at high profile, major VIP functions.

We can work with you to provide the right solution for your festival bar, including:
  • outstanding drinks service, including simple serves or cocktails
  • bespoke cocktails, designed specifically for your festival and theme
  • experienced, skilled and more importantly 'event trained' bar staff
  • all the festival bar units and infrastructure required
  • supply of all stock, ice, equipment and ingredients and at competitve rates
  • theming and branding solutions for drinks experiences at the festival
  • all planning and management of BOH areas on multi-day events
  • accurate and safe cash management and sales reporting

Project Builds, Management & Production

As well as delivering the front-end of an event, we are also the perfect partner to look after the build, management and production requirements. Our experience of over 1500 events of varying sizes and in all kinds of environments makes us an ideal partner to manage your entire event.  Our experience ranges from weddings to festival sites, PR and brand activation projects, conferences and roadshows. 

This means we understand the vital importance of balance between aesthetics, budget, deadlines, marketing and client relationships.

Our access to equipment and skills means that we can easily deliver componements such as:

  • custom set build
  • drapery and decor
  • audio visual support
  • stage construction and rigging
  • graphics, filming and visuals


The key benefits to using HTB Live as your event management company are:

Our experience means we can give you the right advice and pre-empt any difficulties to ensure smooth delivery.

As inevitably we will be looking after the front end of the project, we can easily ensure that everything ties together.

Full-time Staff
Your point of contact and support team are all employed on a full-time basis, which that you receive a smooth service throughout.

Efficient Admin    
This is something you would only notice if it didn't exist. This means we deliver what we say we are going to deliver.

Back-up Support   
As we have access to such a wide range of equipment and resources on demand you have immense backup support from us.

Value For Money  
Our tight relationships with our equipment partners means that we can offer more for your budget.

Fixed-Budget Project Pricing
In most cases, we can accept full responsibility for delivery of a complete event objective within a fixed project price.  This means that you don't need to worry about, or be billed for, minor variations that happen along the way.  We have found this is crucial when working with agencies, PR companies etc.


Please get in touch with us if you have a project that you would like to brief us on. 

                                                      BRAND ACTIVATION                                               

Hire The Barman work closely with clients to create the perfect vehicle with which to target their audience. We create, design and deliver experiential marketing strategies that really work. 

Our drink-led activations can help engage with your audience in the most unique and memorable ways. Interact with your clients and offer them an experience to remember - truly something unique when sampling your product. We strive to ensure our team fully immerse themselves in the brand identity and story of any brand we work with. Using our expertise and knowledge within the drinks industry gives us the opportunity to put the product and its core values at the forefront of any project.

HTB Live has recently collabroated on activiations with brands including Bacardi, Cadburys, Speedo, Bols, Monin and Rekorderlig.     


We specialise in three key formats to activate a brand:

Pop Ups

Pop-up bars are a very popular way of activating a brand. Using our expertise, experience and in-house teams we can work with you to conceptualise a theme and then to build, manage, run, market and produce the event. This could range from venue finding to providing front of house staff and running social media campaigns to generate interest. 


Urban Beaches

Creating and building urban beaches is a unique way to speak to and be seen by the people you want to target in the most memorable way. Urban beaches generate a huge amount of good will and pedestrian interest.  They are visually spectacular, act as a magnet for people of all ages and lend themselves to a whole host of activities - everything from sandcastle building, live music, beach bars and the latest fashions to simply relaxing on a deck chair with a cold drink whilst the kids tire themselves out in the sand. 

We will take care of

  •  designing, building and delivering urban beaches managing events & promotions on sand
  •  sourcing, understanding and working in the world's finest and most suitable locations
  •  staging world class beach sports, music & entertainment events 
  •  bespoke sponsorship activations focused on beach culture



Working in collaboration with the UK's leading hawking and beverage dispense solutions business, we are able to provide your consumers with an entirely bespoke experience. Directly from bespoke, branded backpacks we can serve cocktails, beer, soft drinks and even hot drinks at festivals, stadiums, theatres and ... well ... anywhere you want! We supply the trained backpack operaters who also act as ambassdors for the product as well as all the equipment required. This activation is available in a variety of risk-dependent formats - please get in touch with us for more information.


To discuss in more detail how HTB Live can help to activate your brand, please call us on 0203 441 4656.

                                                      DRINK DESIGN                                               

Our mixologists at Hire The Barman are able to design beautifully balanced, original cocktails around a brief that you provide.

Our cocktails can deliver on virtually anything you desire - from a simple twist on a classic through to inventive molecular concepts and drinks with obscure and involved ingredients. We strive to create drinks that focus around the feel and identity of your event or brand. 

Each recipe we design is carefully created with the tastes, aromas and feel of your brand in mind. We won't just send you a few recipes which we thought up sat at a desk - we have a fully-functional bar in our office where we sample and experiment to select the best flavour pairings. Sharing an office with a group of people who work within the drinks industry means we can 'sample' our recipes and get instant feedback even before an official tasting is organised. 


As part of our drinks design we can include: 

  • cocktail designs based on your brief
  • photography of cocktails 
  • videography and 'How To Make' clips
  • social media campaigns to raise awareness
  • tasting sessions of drinks using one of our barmen


Examples of recent projects, photographed above, are:

  • a promotional cocktail booklet designed for Ramsey Rum UK
  • molecular cocktails designed for a Red Bull event
  • cocktails designed and 'how to make' videography delivered for Lubuski
  • cider cocktails designed for Rekorderlig for a recent pop-up event

                                                      CASE STUDIES                                               

Here are a few of the more recent projects undertaken by HTB Live:

Rekorderlig Mid-Summer House Pop-Up

Rekorderlig Swedish Cider held their thirteen day pop-up Mid-Summer House in the Victoria Park, East London that took place in July 2013. The pop-up consisted of a 6 metre bar being placed inside a custom built replica of a tradtional Swedish mid-summer house. The house had a large decking area stretching out from the back over the lake. HTB Live had the privilege of executing the entire operation. 

Our team took responsibility in relation to every aspect of the bar including:

  • Staffing
  • Upholding licensing laws
  • Stock control and management
  • Bespoke cocktail recipe design
  • Providing all bar, refrigeration and BOH equipment


IceTank Studio Launch

The amazing IceTank studios invited HTB Live along to their launch party to create cocktails to wow their guests. We teamed up with the guys at Stolichnaya Vodka and created two cocktails including:

  • Lemon Drop: Stolichnaya vodka, fresh lemon juice and a dash of homemade lemon peel infused sugar syrup
  • Smoked Apple Pie: Stolichnaya Gala Applik vodka, apple juice, fresh lime juice and apple pie syrup topped with a smoking ChilliStick

We also took down one of our LED lit mobile bars with branded front panels and all of our own cocktail making equipment. 


Animal Art Fair / Angus Lawson Memorial Trust

Hire The Barman brought our mobile bar and cocktail skills along to the Animal Art Fair pop-up shop on London's Southbank. We spent the evening serving Paloma cocktails using fresh lime juice, Cabrito tequila and sparkling pink grapefruit juice.

The art fair was selling portraits of animals including one-off pieces painted by Miranda Hart, Clare Balding and Rachel Riley.


Isle of Wight Festival 'Life's A Beach"

HTB Live set up camp at the Isle of Wight festival on our very own urban beach. We teamed up with BoxFresh to bring the festival-goers a music stage, deckchairs to relax in and plenty of stunning cocktails.

With our custom built cocktail 'shack' built on our private beach we were one of the highlights of the festival, handing out over 8,000 mojitos and slushy cocktails in just three days!


Cadbury Olympic Hotel

As one of the biggest sponsors of the greatest sporting event on Earth, Cadburys took over a hotel in Central London to house their multi-national team of volunteers. Every day of the 2012 Olympics, Hire The Barman ran a cocktail bar at the hotel serving the many volunteers after their long day's work. 

Hire The Barman hosted a party for over three hundred people every three days, for which we set up an outdoor bar. One of our main 'attractions' was a molecular  egg which saw us cut the top off and hollow out one thousand Cadbury Creme Eggs and refill them with a coconut puree gel topped with a Fireball whisky and mango puree spherified 'yolk'.


  • 12yrs event management experience
  • 'in-house' event build & delivery
  • festivals, pop-ups & consultancy
  • creative brand activation portfolio
testimonial testimonial testimonial

"Thank you for helping to ensure our Olympic program was such a success! 3000 impressed employees who all loved your drinks!" Cadburys

"The beach shack was spot-on. An excellent offering perfect for the local community. Thank you!" Barking Council

"Your team were just fantastic! They worked their socks off and were so wonderful with all the guests. They were so professional and we were all impressed with their skills. I can't thank you enough! " Sue, London