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"They don't teach this" by Eniola Aluko book launch event, 29th of August 2019.

At Hire the Barman, we love to get invited to some big events. And this was certainly one of them. We were asked to provide our services for this inspiring young woman, Eniola Aluko, who was launching her memoire “They don’t teach this” on the 29th of August.

Eniola is currently a female football player for Juventus, a columnist for the Guardian newspaper, was the UN woman UK ambassador in 2015 and was the first female pundit on Match of the Day. With so many achievements, no wonder she wrote a memoir about her life.

To say the least, the event went fantastically well, and yes, we were there to be part of it!

Having spoken to Eniola and her team in advance to find out exactly what she wanted at her book launch, we set up shop and got to work selecting the correct ingredients to make drinks that fit perfectly with the idea she had in mind. And what an idea she had!

Eniola wanted the drinks to reflect the different lessons she has learned and that she talks about in her memoirs, and we really went all out to give her what she wanted. Some of the effects used to help her idea become reality were misting drinks, where mist gently flowed over the rim of the glass to cascade gently down the sides... In others, bubbles would appear to form an energetic scene (no doubt much like when Eniola is out on the football pitch). And it was all possible thanks to our mixology experts here at Hire the Barman.

Once the concoctions had been perfected, we set up shop on the big day and got three of our very best bartenders to serve the guests. All in all, we are honoured to have be chosen by this incredible young woman to participate at such an event.

But don’t just take our word for it, she herself said as much, click here to go to her Instagram post about the event and spot @hirethebarman.

That certainly was one incredible day!

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HTB Team

Written by the team at Hire The Barman offices!

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