Corporate bar hire

Hire The Barman has a full range of bar equipment available for rental.

All this equipment can either be hired alongside your barman request with us or on a dry hire basis.

Why choose hire the barman

Established in Autumn 2009, Hire The Barman has since staffed and made cocktails at over 1600 events from intimate house parties to corporate events as well as larger scale productions such as pop-up events, festival bars & brand activations.


Hire The Barman have been providing bar staff for parties and events since 2011. So you can be assured that your event will run seamlessly.


We use the best ingredients to create the cocktails you want at your event. As standard we use premium spirits and can also provide specific spirits if you have any special requirements.


Our friendly staff have years of experience creating stunning cocktails that will wow your guests.

From smaller, niche cocktail bars through to high-volume dispense bars, we have the experience and operational ability to deliver an exceptional drinks service in any environment. Previous projects include: cocktail bars at major music festivals, multi-bar operations at family-orientated festivals, beer and wine dispense bars at sports events and champagne bars at high profile, major VIP functions.

We can work with you to provide the right solution for your corporate bar, including:

  • Outstanding drinks service, including simple serves or cocktails
  • Bespoke cocktails, designed specifically for your festival and theme
  • Experienced, skilled and more importantly ‘event trained’ bar staff
  • All the festival bar units and infrastructure required
  • Supply of all stock, ice, equipment and ingredients and at competitve rates
  • Theming and branding solutions for drinks experiences at the festival
  • All planning and management of BOH areas on multi-day events
  • Accurate and safe cash management and sales reporting

Planning a corporate event?

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Project Builds, Management & Production

As well as delivering the front-end of an event, we are also the perfect partner to look after the build, management and production requirements. Our experience of over 1500 events of varying sizes and in all kinds of environments makes us an ideal partner to manage your entire event. Our experience ranges from weddings to festival sites, PR and brand activation projects, conferences and roadshows.

This means we understand the vital importance of balance between aesthetics, budget, deadlines, marketing and client relationships.

Our access to equipment and skills means that we can easily deliver components such as:

set build

Drapery &

Audio visual

Stage construction
& rigging

Graphics, filming
& visuals

The key benefits

Using Hire The Barman as your event management company are:


Our experience means we can give you the right advice and pre-empt any difficulties to ensure smooth delivery.


As inevitably we will be looking after the front end of the project, we can easily ensure that everything ties together.

Full-time Staff

Your point of contact and support team are all employed on a full-time basis, which that you receive a smooth service throughout.

Efficient Admin

This is something you would only notice if it didn’t exist. This means we deliver what we say we are going to deliver.

Back-up Support

As we have access to such a wide range of equipment and resources on demand you have immense backup support from us.

Value For Money

Our tight relationships with our equipment partners means that we can offer more for your budget.

Fixed-Budget Project Pricing

In most cases, we can accept full responsibility for delivery of a complete event objective within a fixed project price. This means that you don’t need to worry about, or be billed for, minor variations that happen along the way. We have found this is crucial when working with agencies, PR companies etc.

Planning a corporate event?

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“The masterclass was loads of fun and our guests thoroughly enjoyed it. 100% we’ll entertain clients again using Hire The Barman.” Danny Verma

“The hen night on saturday was a great success and everyone was very complimentary about the drinks. Thank you for making it all run smoothly.” Joanna, Kent

“The preparation, shopping lists and telephone help were all exceptional” Rob and Annie

“Derrick was AMAZING – we all had so much fun and learnt loads. You guys definitely exceeded all expectations!” Kim, E London

Previous Events


can I hire just the barman?

Yes! That is what we specialise in. all our barmen are available to hire on an hourly basis.

Where can i see a copy of your cocktail menu?

please call us on 0203 441 4656 and we will send you a copy of our latest cocktail menu as well as any season menus we are currently using.

How many cocktails should i choose?

You can choose as many as you would like, however we recommend you choose a maximum of six or seven cocktails. This way you do not have to buy a hugely extensive list of ingredients and things are more manageable for the barman on the night of the event.

There are only going to be a few of us at the event. is this a problem?

Not at all. We do not have a minimum party size (or a maximum!)

I don't want cocktails. can you still help?

Of course! We have a team of barmen who will serve beers, wines, spirit mixers, soft drinks etc. As well as waiters and waitresses. Prices for these staff members start from £25ph.

Can you provide a full bar service?

Yes! this is our the works service – we take care of absolutely everything for you. all you need to do is tell us what drinks you would like us to serve!

Can i ask my barman to stay for extra hours on the night?

If you would like the barman to stay for extra time, just agree this with them on the night. we will invoice you for this time in the days after the event. the hourly rate will be the same as the other hours that you have paid for.

How far outside London do you travel?

We will travel up to around ninety minutes outside the m25. as our barmen are based all over london and many have a car, we can normally get someone to your event. if you are not sure if we will come to you, please give us a call on 0203 441 4656 and we can let you know!

What is flair?

Flair is the practice of barmen entertaining and impressing by the ‘juggling’ of bar tools and bottles in tricky, dazzling ways whilst making cocktails, enhancing the guest experience and incredible to watch. hire the barman has a team of experienced, world class flair barmen available to hire who will bring their tricks and skills to your event. we can also deliver a ‘flair show’ as a showpiece at your event if needed.

You can find out more about flair here.

How much space will our flair barman need?

Flair barmen need as much space as possible. ideally a space at least 2m x 2m is best – ceiling height is crucial too (this needs to be ideally at least 2m). The flooring is also something to consider – the softer the better! although our barmen don’t intend to drop anything, they are only human! For hard floor surfaces we can provide rubber floor mats so the flair barman can still show off his skills!

How much will the cocktail ingredients cost me?

Something we get asked all the time! there is no definite answer to this question however we suggest that a figure of around £1.50 per cocktail (inclusive of the ingredients and ice) is a fairly accurate benchmark. the cost of the cocktails can be affected by lots of things including what cocktails you choose (eg champagne will make it more expensive), where you shop, what brands you buy, any special deals the retailer is offering, what ingredients you already have, etc. don’t forget that you will also have to factor in the cost of the glassware you need. as a rule the fewer cocktails you choose, the less the cost per cocktail will be. cocktail ingredients includes alcohol, juices and mixers, fruit, purées and sundry items.

What glassware do i need to get?

The glasses you need will depend on what cocktails you choose. We will send you a glassware guide outlining what glasses you will require, what ideal size they should be and how many we recommend you get.

Do you have glasses we can hire? if not, where can i get them from?

Hire the barman does not have any glassware available to rent. once booked with us, we will send you a glassware guide outlining what glassware we recommend that you need based on the cocktails you have chosen. we will provide you with a number of options for sourcing it including free glass rental companies, catering hire companies we trust as well as where you can get plastic glasses.

Do i need to get any specialist cocktail making kit?

No, our barmen will bring all of this with them. this is free of charge – each barman will bring with them the equipment they need as part of the service. they will also supply something to store ice and fruit in while serving.

Do you cater for those not drinking alcohol?

Our drinks menus contain non-alcoholic cocktails for you to choose from for those not drinking. our barmen will also be happy to serve other soft drinks alongside making cocktails. we also have a cocktail menu designed for non drinkers and children. please get in touch and we can send you a copy of our cocktail menu.

How much ice will i need and why so much?

We will advise you on how much ice you will need once we know the specific details of your event. lots of people are surprised by how much we require – cocktails need lots of ice! it is crucial to cater for ice to chill glasses, put in shakers, add to drinks as well as taking into account the ice that melts!! we suggest buying your ice from the supermarket or ordering it to be delivered by a specialist ice company.

Do you have insurance?

All our barmen are insured. hire the barman has full employers and public liability insurance.

How many barmen do you have? Can i choose my barman?

Our team is made up of around 100 bartenders. The majority are professional full-time event bartenders, some have other commitments in bars and restaurants and a few are ex-bartenders that now have office jobs but still love to come and make cocktails in their spare time! Because we have so many staff and the team is always evolving, we cannot let you choose your barman although we will listen to specific requests and make sure we find the most suitable barman for your event! Head shots and videos are available for corporate clients.

Should i tip my barman?

This is entirely up to you! most clients do give the staff something at the end of the event…..

What about vat?

Yes, we are vat registered and as such we have to charge it to all our customers. for our corporate customers this is a benefit as you can claim the vat back and for our private clients, although we maybe a little more expensive than some of our non-registered competitors, you can be safe in the knowledge that we are amongst the biggest and best and never let our clients down.

What deposit do you need to hold a booking?

To hold the booking we will require a 50% deposit – we cannot guarantee your order until we have received this payment. the full balance is due seven days before the event.

Can i pay by debit/credit card?

Yes! we accept payment by all major debit and credit cards. please call us on 0203 441 4656 to make a payment. please note we cannot accept american express and payment by credit card will be subject to a 3% commission on the total invoice value.

T and Cs

These terms and conditions are applicable to all contracts for the provision of services to the exclusion of any other terms and conditions. Booking confirmations made verbally in writing are subject to these terms and conditions.

Please read the following terms and conditions of sale carefully before ordering service from Hire The Barman. By purchasing service from Hire The Barman, as the client you agree to these terms of sale. These terms do not replace or affect your statutory rights.

VIEW - Terms & Conditions


All quotations (verbal or written) will be valid for ten days from the date of enquiry. Hire The Barman cannot guarantee that the date will be available after these ten days. To confirm and hold a booking, the client must provide a 50% non-refundable deposit either in cash, by electronic transfer, debit/credit card. We no longer accept payment by cheque. The remaining balance is due 7 days before the event. All monies will be requested by Hire The Barman by way of electronic invoice.


In the event of a cancellation, Hire The Barman require notice in writing 14 days before the date of the event. Failure to do so will result in full payment being charged. Booking deposits are not transferable or refundable unless otherwise agreed prior to booking and stated in writing.

Event Changes
Should you wish to make significant changes to your event. Hire The Barman reserves the right to amend the rates and facilities.


Hire The Barman does not provide a paid bar service and therefore has no involvement for any licensing matters and is not responsible for any breaches of licence.


In the event that parking is required by Hire The Barman, adequate arrangements must be made by the client. This will always be by prior arrangement and vehicle registrations will be provided. In circumstances where Hire The Barman are providing cocktail ingredients and glassware, adequate loading facilities must be provided by the client. Hire The Barman will not be held responsible for any difficulties with this that result in delays to service.

Hire The Barman will not beheld responsible for ‘lack of flair’ if the environment provided is unsuitable or the bartender is deemed too busy further to our recommendation of one barman per 40 guests


Rates and invoices are subject to change without notice dependent on client’s requirements, additional hours and stock. Additional hours requested by the client by negotiation with the barman at the time of the event will be charged at the full hourly rate.

Late Payments

Full payment of invoice is due to Hire The Barman within 30 days. Any outstanding payments after this time will be passed to a collection agency to recover on behalf of Hire The Barman. Any associated costs for this matter such as interest, legal and court fees will be added to the outstanding balance as passed to the client for payment.


Hire The Barman has both public liability and employers insurance for all events.

Public Liability: £5,000,000
Employers Liability: £10,000,000

Unruly Behaviour

The client is responsible for the behaviour and conduct of their guests. Hire The Barman will not tolerate verbally or physically abusive behaviour towards any member of staff or individual. You shall be responsible for damage or loss of equipment.


In the event that Hire The Barman are not able to provide services as agreed due to circumstances out of their control (such as weather, transport problems etc), they will not be held liable for any loss, cancellation or delay.

Hire The Barman does not accept any responsibility for the overall success of an event.

Terms & Conditions are deemed to be accepted by payment of invoice.

The above conditions are subject to change at the discretion of Hire The Barman in part or in whole for one or more of its clients where the company has grounds deemed necessary.

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